Do YOU remember?

Do YOU remember?

Suddenly, in 2020, the music stopped and the fields fell silent

For a high-energy, pumping party unit tearing up the festival scene and thriving on the dancing vibes of thousands of bouncing revellers, this was a huge shock.

Luckily, the previous winter had seen a return to the studio, resulting in six brand new recordings, freshly canned for those weary, locked-down ears. The Momentum Sessions became a series of three digital singles releases on all your favourite platforms, featuring three classic Skata Tones tunes and three hot-off-the-press bangers with exceptional production from the amazing team at Momentum Studios.

It has been a dark time, but there is hope.

Can you remember what it used to be like before the great silence?

Are you #FestivalReady?

With news of the easing of restrictions, the first stirrings of festival revivals are starting to emerge, with the band already reconfirming bookings with several events for 2021 and 2022. More news on the way soon!