Just Words / Magic OUT NOW

Just Words / Magic OUT NOW

The final two tracks to drop from the latest Skata Tones sessions

This brings us bang up-to-date with the band’s newest stage material…

Just Words cover art by The Beesworks

Track 1: Just Words (Side A)

A departure from some of the band’s more straightforward songs, Just Words combines latin and ska rhythms with an elaborate horn arrangement behind Robbie’s fast-paced delivery and incisive commentary on ‘mumble rap’. As always, influences are evident from genres as far ranging as classical to hip-hop and reggae as the song moves through sections like a screenplay. A fiery baritone sax solo from Sir Strawberry H. Jamalot adds a bit of spice to the 3-and-a-half minute journey!

Track 2: Magic (Side B)

Anyone who has seen Skata Tones live will know that they love the stage, the energy and the crowd – it’s “magic”! This is simply a tribute to that feeling. The band and the audience become one as the music takes hold and everyone gets whipped up into the miniature storm that is a Skata Tones performance…

Also from these sessions:

Hands Up – Released 15th May 2020

Celebrity (Triple A side) – Released 29th May 2020

Track credits & Info:

Written and performed by: Skata Tones

  • Robbie Jay Hurrell: Vocals & Backing Vocals
  • Jamie Prouse: Guitars & Bass
  • Billy Hammett: Drums & Percussion
  • Sir Strawberry H. Jamalot: Saxophones & Clarinets
  • Paul Moulton: Trumpet
  • Rick Palmer: Trombone

Horns arranged by Sir Strawberry H. Jamalot

Recorded at Momentum Studios, Plymouth

  • Engineered by: Josh Norton-Cox
  • Mixed by: Josiah J. Manning

Mastered by: Andy Miles at Star Delta Mastering

Artwork: BGBoogie/The Beesworks