Line Up

Skata Tones: The Line-up

Skata-tones-who-we-are-band-03 Robbie Rupert Hurrell – Vocals 

They say he has to be seen to be believed. We still don’t believe him. Any man who can eat four tins of all-day-breakfast and still breathe, let alone hold an audience in the palm of his hand, should be approached with caution. Ladies beware, they are not his own trousers. He has been known to perform in his bare socks…




Skata-tones-who-we-are-band-04 Rob Brooks – Guitar & Vocals

When it comes to mastering the six strings of Ska, this man holds all the off-beats. They say the quiet ones are the dangerous ones and Rob doesn’t disappoint. Light the fuse and just watch him go.




Skata-tones-who-we-are-band-02 Sir Strawberry H. Jamalot – Saxophone

Is it the beard? Is it the playing? No, it’s Sir Strawberry H. Jamalot. In his element, Sir Jamalot brings a funk-influenced dinosaur roar to the stage with his bendy sex whistle and a little bit of electronic magic.


Skata-tones-who-we-are-band-01Rick “T-Bone” Palmer – Trombone

There’s always that guy at a party holding a trombone… T-bone’s that guy. His horn’s loaded, and he’s not afraid to use it. Rick completes the Skata Horns when he can get time off from his day job (following clowns around).


Skata-tones-who-we-are-band-05Jamie Prouse – Bass

Our very own Lord of the Lower Frequencies, J-to-the-P keeps our bottom-end pumping like a cement mixer. Outside of Skata Tones, Jamie is the captain of his very own pirate ship and has been known to eat live seagulls.



 Skata-tones-who-we-are-band-06 Billy Hammett – Drums

Recently the front cover model for Rhythm magazine, Billy not only brings fame and prestige to the Skata Tones, he’s a true dynamo of caribbean beats. The percussive powerhouse of the band, Billy has a hard-hitting style that won’t fail to get you moving.





Josh Hawker –  Sound

Our dedicated sound man and logistical guru, Josh gets the best out of our sound everywhere we go, and gets us there in the first place! Josh is in demand as a technician and works at The Factory Barnstaple as well as providing his services to other prestigious acts, such as Dub Pistols, Show of Hands and Wille & The Bandits. He can regularly be found looking very tired, clasping a strong coffee. He doesn’t mince his words either.