Celebrity (triple A-side) release

Celebrity (triple A-side) release

The next instalment from Skata Tones sessions recorded at the fabulous Momentum Studios…

This three-track release features a set of tunes that have been part of the Skata Tones cannon for many festival seasons. Each one has been given an update and a little bit of spice in these brand new recordings, bringing that live Skata Tones energy to the fore.

Celebrity (triple A-side) cover art by The Beesworks

Track 1: Cash 22

Opening with the Reggae-infused Cash 22, rhythm is centre-stage from start to finish, with beautifully sculpted licks and fills showing off the superlative talent of Billy Hammett in his element whilst the bass and guitar hold it all together.

Robbie’s incisive, but fragile lyric describes that all-too familiar feeling of being out of money and out of luck – but who needs cash anyway?

A full brass section punctuates the lyric with stabs, quotes and comments, keeping the tune on edge.

On stage, Cash 22 naturally segues into Celebrity, so just let it roll on…

Track 2: Celebrity

Exploring the less-alluring side of celebrity lifestyle and behaviour, this song has become something of an anthem at Skata Tones gigs with the whole crowd often singing along word-for-word. Another striking rhythm performance takes the song on a journey from reggae routes, through ska, ska punk and ends up somewhere in the heavy rock spectrum!

Track 3: In Town Pop Sound

Straight up, Robbie’s vocal commentary on that pumping nightclub sound as you search for some fresh, live music amongst the alcopop-fuelled shrines to programmed beats and basslines. With a tip of the hat to party culture, In Town Pop Sound is also an affectionate reference to the town of Bideford, part of the North Devon roots of Skata Tones.

Turn up, jump up and feel like you’re at the gig… We all need this right now!

This set is the second all-digital release from 6 new Skata Tones recordings for 2020, following Hands Up – a brand new track, the proceeds of which are donated to Tonic Music for Mental Health. The remaining two (also brand new) tracks are due to be released in June.

Also from this set…

Hands Up – Released 15th May 2020

Track credits & Info:

Written and performed by: Skata Tones

  • Robbie Jay Hurrell: Vocals & Backing Vocals
  • Jamie Prouse: Guitars, Bass, Piano & Organ
  • Billy Hammett: Drums & Percussion
  • Sir Strawberry H. Jamalot: Saxophones & Clarinet
  • Paul Moulton: Trumpet
  • Rick Palmer: Trombone

Horn arrangements: Sir Strawberry H. Jamalot

Recorded at Momentum Studios, Plymouth

  • Engineered by: Josh Norton-Cox
  • Mixed by: Josiah J. Manning

Mastered by: Andy Miles at Star Delta Mastering

Artwork: BGBoogie/The Beesworks